The Crooked Mile Cafe

8 Milk St, Portland ME (207) 772-8708

428 Brighton Ave, Portland ME (207) 835-6033

For orders of 6 or more please call the store

Breakfast Stuff

Breakfast available until 11:30

Breakfast Sandwiches:12-Grain • Bagel• Croissant(+$0.75) • English Muffin • Gluten Free Egg and cheese 4.50 add veggies .50 add bacon, turkey sausage or ham $1 Breakfast Burritos (white, wheat or spinach wrap)Scrambler: $5.50(Egg and cheese)add meat $1add veggies $1
Mexican scrambler: $5.95(Black bean corn salsa,Turkey sausage, egg and cheese)
Geraldo scrambler: $6.95(Bacon,sausage,pesto,franks hot sauce,eggs and cheese)

BagelsButtered: $2.50Plain Cream cheese: $3.25Veggie Cream cheese: $3.75Peanut butter: $3.50Hummus: $3.25

Also serving coffee and espressodrinks all day!


Served all day!Lunches come as either a salad,sandwich or wrap.*All lunches come with chips or an apple*
Bread Options: Baguette • Marble Rye • 12-Grain • Sourdough • Gluten Free Wraps: Wheat • White • Spinach
Fresh Mozzarella: Mozzarella, tomato, pesto and greens topped with basil, balsamic vinaigrette, oregano and red Onion.
Jersey Joe Italian: Ham, Salami, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo/mustard, red wine vinaigrette and romaine with Oregano.
Turkey Chop: Turkey, Provolone, cucumber, tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette and romaine with Oregano.
Cranberry Bog: Chicken salad, cranberries, walnuts, red onion and greens with balsamic vinaigrette.
Chicken Bleu: Grilled chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, walnuts, red onions and greens with balsamic vinaigrette.
Tuna Melt: Tuna salad grilled on 12- grain with tomatoes and cheese.
Southwest Turkey Melt: Turkey, cheddar, guacamole and tomato, grilled on 12-grain.
TBLT: Turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo.
Ruby’s Roast Beef: Roast beef, cheddar, red onion, tomato, horseradish mayo, and mixed greenson Marble Rye.
Fiesta: Grilled chicken, guacamole, black bean and corn salsa, cheese, tomatoes and mixed greens with a lime vinaigrette.
Spice of Life: Curry Chicken Salad, cranberries, walnuts, red onion and greens with balsamic vinaigrette.
Grilled Chicken Caesar: Grilled chicken and romaine lettuce with croutons, Parmesan and tomatoes.
Greek: Grilled chicken, feta cheese, kalamata olives, tomato and cucumber with mixed greens and greek Dressing.
Buffalo Chicken: Spicy buffalo chicken, crumbled blue cheese, carrots and tomato with mixed greensand balsamic vinaigrette.
The Beetnik: Beets, grilled chicken, roasted almond slivers, feta and red onionwith arugula and red wineVinaigrette.
T.C.P.: Turkey, cheddar and pesto with romaine and tomato.
Cobb: Grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, tomato, blue cheese crumbles, guacamole, mixed greensand ranch dressing.
Shea's Veggie Wrap: Provolone, hummus, cukes, tomatoes, carrots, redonion and mixed greens.
Garden Salad: Cukes, tomatoes, carrots and onion with greens and Balsamic dressing. $7.50 Add Meat: $1
Chicken, Curry Chicken, or Tuna Salad: With lettuce and tomato.
BLT: Bacon, lettuce and tomato with Mayo. $6.95
Ham or Turkey & Cheese: With lettuce, tomato, mayo & mustard. $6.95
Grilled Cheese: $4.50 Add bacon: 50¢ Add tomato: 50¢ Add Ham: $1Grilled PB&J: $4.50
⎈ EVERYDAY SPECIAL ⎈Grilled cheese and a cup of soup du jour: $9.50
PricesWhole Lunch: $9.75 +taxHalf Lunch: $5.50+taxHalf Lunch and a cup of Soup: $9.75 +taxCup of Soup: $4.95Bowl of Soup: $6.95


Crooked Cones will be coming back to serve ice cream out of the Rosemont Crooked Mile location!

Ice Cream is Closed for now, but we are gearing up for our 2021 season!


CONES/CUPS - Choose one: Cake cone, Sugar cone, or Waffle Cone (+$1.50)

Kiddie (1 scoop): $3.95Regular (2 scoops): $4.45Large (3 scoops): $4.95Sprinkles: $0.50Extras: $0.75

SUNDAES - Choose your ice cream and toppings, finished with whipped cream & a cherry. Top it off with extras!

Kiddie (1 scoop): $4.75Small (2 scoops): $5.50Large (3 scoops): $6.50

Brownie Sundae: $5.95

Warm brownie, choice of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream & a cherry!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae: $5.95

Warm chocolate chip cookie, choice of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream & a cherry!

Doggie Sundae: $3.50

Don’t forget your favorite canine!One scoop of ice cream with whipped cream & your pup's favorite topping!


Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Hot Fudge, Caramel


Oreo Crunch, M&M's, Strawberries, Marshmallow, Gummies


Old Port

8 Milk St, Portland MeCafe Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30-3:30207-772-8708

Brighton Ave

428 Brighton Ave, Portland MeCafe Hours: Monday-Saturday: 7-3 Crooked Cones: Closed for the season(207) 835-6033